Restoration You…Step onto the Path of Wellness in 2012

It can often be an abrupt transition from the busy-ness of the holidays with over stimulation and over indulgence to the new year with resolutions for health. To bring you back into balance, begin the year anew with focusing on your mind, body and spirit, by making a commitment to a new healthier state of being. Restoration You is a 21-day ongoing detox workshop where you can develop a program fit for you.  Pick and choose from the 3 steps of Restoration You described below.  You will be given the tools and resources to bring yourself into healthy lifestyle choices to include yoga, mindful eating, detoxification and personal reflection.

Informational sessions for this program will be held on Monday, January 2 at 6:30pm and Tuesday, January 3 at 3pm at Hot and Healthy Yoga next to Fresh Market in Southern Pines. Join Jessica Patella, ND and Michelle Kaiser, owner of Hot and Healthy Yoga as they journey with you to wellness.

REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT at Hot and Healthy Yoga

Restoration You…Share and Care Lunch

Join us for three Fridays during the 21 day Restoration You… where we will share a meal and reflect on our journey to wellness.  A lunch of healthy foods to help your detox journey will be provided, along with an information session regarding healthy life choices. Time will be given to support one another and share our highs and lows along the way. Information booklets will be provided to participants.  Registration is required.

Price: $105

Restoration You…21 Day Unlimited Yoga

As part of the Restoration You… Hot and Healthy will be offering an unlimited 21 day yoga package. Whether you attend a meditation class, restorative class, hot power vinyasa, gentle yoga- we will track your classes in the studio. There are many healthy benefits related to yoga to include mental, physical and spiritual. Yoga has been proven to help with depression, anxiety, blood pressure, pain management, weight loss…to name a few.

**The person with the highest participation rate will receive a  $100 The Spa of Pinehurst gift certificate. Dates for the unlimited yoga are January 9 through January 30.

Price: $100

Restoration You…Supplementing the Journey  

As part of Restoration You… we will be offering supplements to help detoxify the liver and GI tract. Certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids are needed to support the liver during Phase I and Phase II detoxification, for this reason we will be providing this extra support for those of you that would like to take your detox a step further. These are medical grade supplements, Jessica Patella, ND has selected specifically for this detox.

Price: $105

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